All mentioned items are in our neighbourhood!






Super visit to the village of St Arailles on June  with in the morning a special market with local products, and (of course) closed by a commun meal!


logo country music mirande

Country Festival in Mirande


The fourth Country Music festival with a variety of concerts, free concerts in the centre of town, line dancing exhibitions and classes.

  • Festival Tempo Latino

  • Tempo Latino in Vic Fézensac


    Come and discover one of Europe’s largest musical festivals featuring Latin, afro-Caribbean; salsa; Latin jazz and hip hop. The festival at Vic sets a very high standard that is reflected in the quality of its four night and day programme of concerts and classes. During the festival you can book a free bus from the camp site to the festival at anytime of the night or day! http://www.tempo-latino.com/

jazz in marciac

  • Jazz in Marciac


    The 41th jazz festival in Marciac:  numerous world famous musicians will participate in a wide variety of concerts and performances. http://www.jazzinmarciac.com/







Montesquiou On the Rocks

End of august: An other local festival on the rocks is this one. In the village of Montesquiou! Near the camp site, why not sleeping in one of our bungalows, a good meal and a glass of wine and there is music! What do you want more?